To the new website for Stormtree Studio.

Designed to be informational, educational and entertaining, stormtreestudio.com brings you closer to the art and illustration of Stephen DiCerbo. It reveals the motivation and methodology behind it, and allows for a more in-depth understanding of the imagery and the artist.  You are also afforded the opportunity to bring his work into your home and lives and those of the people around you.

Enjoy yourself as you travel through these pages, and check back for active updates, listed here.



There are some updates and temporary changes to the website shop…   As I work on getting a new Giclee’ printer up and running, the inventory for reproductions will read as sold out. This may not actually be accurate and your favorite “print”  may be available ..  please email me directly at stephen @ stormtreestudio .com to inquire. the website will be updated to show inventory when we have gotten the process worked up.

Pretty much all of the the original Gyotaku prints mounted over a canvas have been reduce in cost, and are also $100 off until 10/31/2022.  All  domestic shipping is free until 12/20/2022.  Look for your favorite on the “shop” page !

As usual, please contact me with any questions, at  (518) 466-7004.




12/05/2019  Signature Gyotaku Glicee’ Series announced !

12/01/2019   Limited time holiday sale on Gyotaku Originals ! $100 off

04/24/2019    The PBS TV station in the Capital region of New York State has completed a video interview of my Studio and my Work  and will air tonight at 7:30 PM
you can see it online here.. 

08/26/2018  Added new Testimonial

04/08/2018   Added  “press”  page to the About menu drop down, to archived Newspaper articles and publicity.

12/03/2017   added to, revised and updated information about the process and history of Gyotaku, Japanese fish printing.
Revised the Gyotaku Gallery format.

12/10/2017   the website has a new group in the shop entitled “Miscellaneous” , where you will be able to find Calendars, Note Cards, Workshop manuals, and, well,…   miscellaneous  stuff..
The first product added is the first in a series of species specific Direct Gyotaku printing workshop manual,  Micropterus salmoides – largemouth bass.