Stormtree Studio

Stormtree   Studio

          Located in the Town of North Hudson, in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, and nestled among the white pines, Stormtree Studio is a small, unobtrusive work space and center of creativity for Stephen DiCerbo, Natural Science Illustrator and Fine Art creator and printmaker.

          Located on the second floor of his home, a Chalet style Cape placed in a picturesque little notch of the north country, Stormtree Studio is the culmination of many years of effort and a dream to have a simple workspace that harbors creativity and imagination.
Stephen uses this space to create new works, and to hold workshops for the general public and creative exchanges among other artists and printmakers. Although a working studio, Stormtree is also a showplace for current and available works by the artist, who welcomes visits and exchanges with lovers of the arts and the wild places of the Adirondacks. A large wrap around deck at the home studio features an imported wood fired Pizza oven, with which the artist enjoys sharing his culinary adventures. To the point, wood fired pizza is often included in his workshops as a midday delight.

         Stormtree Studio is located at 7 Kenakwar Lane, North Hudson, New York, 12855, just off of US Rte 9, approximately 4 miles north of the I87 exit 29. Hours by appointment or during open studios and workshops. You may contact the artist at (518) 466-7004.

  Stormtree Studio LLC Illustrations  –   Mission Statement

          Stormtree  Studio LLC is dedicated to comprehending the intricacy of the Natural Science genre and creating the most accurate and detailed illustration and art possible. We specialize in the development of full color or black and white images for use in the Natural Science, Biological and Ichthyologic fields.

          An accurately rendered and skillfully presented image will prove invaluable when it is necessary to drive a concept home in a clear and concise manner.
With experience in both traditional and digital forms of illustration,we will prove to be the definitive solution for your Natural Science Illustration needs.