Master Certification

Gyotaku  Master  Printmaker

       I began exploring and printing Gyotaku in the early 1990’s. Not long after, I made the acquaintance of Sensei Master Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto of Japan. As my friend and mentor, Mineo has been working with, and teaching me, the fine art of Gyotaku printing. After a decade or more of study and collaboration, in 2014, I was honored with the title of Master Gyotaku Printmaker, and given a Japanese Artist name, Mutsugoroh.

      My name Mutsugoroh is illustrated in my “chop” or red Asian seal, and in my signature in Japanese Kanji.

As a certified Gyotaku Master I continue to learn and expand the boundaries of the art form, as well as instruct others thru workshops in the fine art of Japanese Fish Printing.

–Stephen Mutsugoroh DiCerbo