Nature Prints

About Nature Prints

Nature prints are hand pressed Botanical Prints, most usually featuring insects in their composition. They would most likely be considered Monoprints, as not only is each print an original individual image, it cannot be editioned like an etching or lithograph. The paper used is typically heavyweight Etching paper, “antiqued” by staining with coffee, with various botanicals inked and hand printed onto the paper. The insect wings are then also inked and hand pressed to create a print of their delicate pattern, the image of the insect body is drawn in, and the botanical(s)  are hand tinted with colored washes, as is the background of the piece. Because Nature Prints are closely related to the concept of direct printed Gyotaku, the artist signs these with the Kanji for his Japanese artist name, Mutsugoroh, and then adds his “Red Seal” or chop.

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