Chesapeake Bay Striper 1


Chesapeake Bay Striper 1
ORIGINAL Chokusetsu-ho Gyotaku ( direct Japanese fish print)

size  12″  X  36″  X  1  1/2 ” deep

Chesapeake Bay Striper 1 is an original direct Gyotaku printed on “Dragon cloud” washi paper and wet mounted to patterned color background paper, which was wet mounted to a Gallery wrapped canvas, and protected with 3 coats of Acrylic Matte medium.

No framing required. Ready to Hang. Hangs flush to wall.

This print was made directly from  a 28 inch + Striped Bass, Morone saxitilis, caught in Chesapeake Bay, on Japanese “dragon cloud” washi paper with oil based ink.
After the print was created, colored washes were added , and then the fish’s eyes were painted in.

Then a hand colored  sheet of washi paper was wet mounted to a gallery wrapped artist canvas with rice paste. After that, the print was also wet mounted over the colored Washi in a variation of a Chine Colle’ mounting method. Three individual coats of artist’s acrylic matte medium were then layered on to add protection and moisture resistance to the print,  producing the final piece.

The Kanji  (Japanese calligraphy) is the spelling of my artist name, Mutsugoroh, which was given to me by my sensei, Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto when I was honored with the title of Master Gyotaku printmaker in 2014.

The chop, or red Asian seal is a graphic representation of my artist name, Mutsugoroh.  It was carved by Mr. Teika Hiraishi of Japan.

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Subject: Striped Bass, Morone saxitilis

Original Chokosetsu-ho Gyotaku on Dragon Cloud Unryu Paper, Wet mounted over background Washi, on Gallery wrapped canvas

12” X 36 ” X  1 1/2 “

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